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Anonymous asked:

Best advice you'd give a 20 year old


Quit the fuck out of school if it isn’t getting you closer to your goals. It’s ok not to date. It’s ok to be a virgin. Your friends who are getting married are, in all likelihood, dumb. Your parents don’t know shit about the real world so take their advice with a grain of salt. Be open to the idea that you may not know who you are yet and you may be a completely different person in a few years, and don’t let that scare you.

Nobody gives a fuck about what you did in high school and the less you dwell on it the better. In a few years, nobody will give a fuck what you did in college either. Anyone worth a shit will find it tedious to listen to so try and do something worthwhile instead.

Ignore the people who pressure you to “be crazy” or try new things or do stupid shit because you’re 20 years old and your time to do stupid shit is allegedly running out. That’s utter bullshit and you’ll have your entire life to do whatever you want. There’s no schedule for doing fun or stupid things.

Consider your tattoo choices wisely.

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